Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Before I start on my problems, I want to remember what this day really means. 9-11. I cant believe its been 11 years. I want to remember the men and women that lost their lives, the firefighters, police, ambulance workers, and volunteers that risked their lives to help others and especially the military who continue to protect us today. I pray that we will never have to live though something so horrifying again and that people will remember the way we all pulled together to get though such a tragic event. I will never forget!

I went to another appointment yesterday to talk about other options for getting me out of this flare. I came out disappointed because everything we talked about couldnt be done since Im leaving in a few weeks. The meds they want to start me on require ongoing blood work to test my liver functions. So we opted to up my humira shots to once a week instead of every 2 weeks and cont. on the prednisone. I will be spending my day researching great doctors in the buffalo area. Im hoping once I get there they will start the meds my current dr. wouldnt. What ever makes me better, right?


  1. Hope you find that awesome doctor that you need! I can't imagine the stress of your hubby leaving and moving 'home' for awhile is making things any better

  2. Did you know that going from San Diego San Antonio is ON THE WAY to Canada? :) Every.chance.I.get! Keep it up crohnie, you are helping people!